Ex-Mason Celebrity
Ex-Mason Celebrity
Exposes Satanic Freemason Plot
Rise of American Satanism
The Rise of American Satansim
Masonry's Satanic Connection
Masonry's Satanic Connection
Freemasonry is Satanism (from their own books)
Masonry's Satanic Doctrine
(from their own books)
Aleister Crowley
Aleister Crowley
The Crown Prince of Depravity
Ex-Mason Celebrity
New Satanism Exposed
Must See
Ex-Mason Celebrity
Aleister Crowley's Secret for Eternal Life
Must See (3-min)
Ex-Mason Celebrity
This sounded crazy at the time...
Must See (8-min)

Christian Evidences

Atheists Dont Exist
Atheists Don't Exist
The Ultimate Proof for God
Manuscript Evidence for the Bible
Manuscript Evidence for the Bible
Archeology Proves the Bible
Archeology Proves the Bible


Demon Magicians
Demon Magicians
The World's Top Magicians Confess
Blood Sacrifice Occult Secrets of Hitler's Third Reich
Blood Sacrifice
Occult Secrets of HItler's Third Reich
Ex-satanist Exposes All
Ex-satanist Exposes All
Part 1
Ex-satanist Exposes All 2
Ex-satanist Exposes All
Part 2

Stuff that isn't on the C.V.V. channel (but should be)


Russell Brand ( *MUST SEE* )
A Pied Piper (by his own admission)
Chemistry and the Origin of Life
Why Evolution is Impossible: World Top Chemist, Graphene Pioneer Inventor
Demon Magicians
They lie in wait to deceive
Christianity and Yoga
Is there any connection?


King Charles III Coronation
Oh Wow.
Nazis On Drugs Discovery UK
Nazis On Drugs
Discovery UK Secret Nazi Files
Blitzed: Nazis on Drugs 2
The story of Pervitin (aka crystal meth)
Levels of Wealth
And What Celebs Do To Get There

Royal Family

Royal families have a long history of transgenders
Horrific - naked boy attempts to escape from palace window
Is she telling the truth?
Many stories like this, quickly deleted.
Jimmy Savile
Prince Charles' Best Friend
Princess Beatrice
Prince Andrew enjoying a moment with his daughter


Dr. Geordie Rose, CERN
Vancouver inventor of first commercial quantum computers (D-WAVE)
Brian Cox, CERN
Recreating the Big Bang with the assistance of interdimensional aliens
The Gotthard Tunnel Ceremony
Presidents of three nations watching in the stands (Merkle, Hollande, Renzi)
The Sofia Vallecorsa interview
A.I. Quantum Researcher at CERN

Anti-Christ Watch

Evidence of the Anti-Christ
Tim Cohen (FULL)
Evidence of the Anti-Christ
Tim Cohen (short)
26 Signs of the Anti-Christ
Craig Bong
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